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Sunset Cliffs

Surf City

With a name like Sunset Cliffs, it’s easy to guess that this San Diego neighborhood is similar to paradise. Sunset Cliffs runs right along the Pacific Ocean, so beautiful beaches and breathtaking views are at your fingertips. Sunset Cliffs is located within Point Loma, which is a seaside community also known as the peninsula “where California began”, as it is the first place European voyagers landed on.


Sunset Cliffs gets its name from the cliffs it sits upon, which border the ocean. The tranquil peacefulness of this area makes it a popular place for people to come to and forget their worries. Below, surfers enjoying the waves and the sound of the water hitting against the cliffs creates a serene ambience. It is known as one of the best locations in San Diego to watch the sunset ­– high praise, given the multitude of spots around the city that provide a beautiful sunset.


The main street of Sunset Cliffs in Sunset Cliffs Blvd., a mostly residential street filled with gorgeous houses that have panoramic ocean views. As the epitome of Southern California, Sunset Cliffs maintains favorable weather and sunny days year round. The neighborhood boasts a population of around 6,000 residents. There are both private and public elementary schools located within. The northern part of Sunset Cliffs Blvd. features a small stretch of cafes, restaurants, and other commercial entities. Ocean Beach, the bordering town, contains many eateries, bars, and shops. 


Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is the 68-acre area of land directly bordering to the ocean and is connected to the Point Loma Reserve. The park is a result of the community’s support for a natural, open space coastal park. The park is great for whale watching, checking out a plethora of plants and flowers, and of course, watching the sunset. Additionally, the hiking trails are great for those who like to stay active.


Many events take place in Point Loma each year, bringing together the community for fun and celebration. Every summer there is a concert series featuring free shows performed by local musicians. In October the Cabrillo Festival, commemorating the landing of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, takes place.  And nearby street fairs are frequent as well.


Sunset Cliffs is just about 9 miles for the heart of downtown San Diego, making it easy to take trips to landmarks such as Balboa Park and the Gaslamp Quarter. While the location is convenient for travel, it does not compromise the secluded sense of serenity that makes it so wonderful for both residents and visitors. This neighborhood will only continue to get better with ongoing work to preserve and expand the landscape and beauty of Sunset Cliffs.

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