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Solana Beach

Peaceful Seaside Retreat

The area of Solana Beach started out as a small farming town, until the beach itself was officially opened with much fanfare in 1925. Since then, the community slowly grew and has flourished into a tranquil, upscale neighborhood. Solana Beach also has gorgeous bluffs that overlook the ocean, and though there didn’t used to be a way to get to the beaches below the bluffs, staircases were eventually cut into the surface to allow residents and visitors to access the seaside. Nowadays, the area is most known for its peaceful, secluded beaches where one can just stretch out and relax, or have a bit of fun in the water with activities such as snorkeling, body boarding, surfing and swimming.


Solana Beach is also host to a number of year-round events, including the Fiesta del Sol, Concerts-in-the Park and Holiday Tree Lighting/Sing-A-Long, all of which are held at the breathtaking Fletcher Cove.


Other than its beaches, Solana Beach is also home to 18-hole golf courses, walking and hiking trails, and great nightlife spots. There are also many options for shopping, with a mix of interesting art galleries and boutiques, furniture shops, surfing outfitters, and other unique stores. As an example, the Cedros Design District is located in Solana Beach, and consists of more than 85 art galleries, import and antique stores, boutiques and cafes. On top of all of that, because there aren’t too many tourists in this neighborhood, Solana Beach is a perfect destination for relaxing day out or two!


View the City of Solana for more information.


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