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The Elite Pueblo

A pleasant 20 minute drive from San Diego on a road that will lead you to a truly unusual neighborhood is all it takes to get to Santaluz. The rolling hills appear to lead you to this premier coastal golf community that lays beside Rancho Santa Fe and is two shakes from the beach and lovely Del Mar.


Entering this gated community, you immediately feel at ease. The welcoming sight of a seemingly modern pueblo with rustic charms and luxurious amenities are what drew you to Santaluz real estate in the first place. Upscale living in open surroundings with eleven acres of tastefully designed verdant lawns leave you with ample breathing room. As if that wasn’t enough, Santaluz homes are almost always two acres apart.


A magnificent fusion of a luxurious lifestyle and the natural environment brings its residents back to the early days of California when life was simple and carefree. In its 3,800 acres, one will never be at a loss for activities. Golfers will be pleased to be able to hit the green whenever they want to in the 250-acre Santaluz Golf Course designed by Rees Jones. Want to go for a morning stroll or an afternoon cycling trip? With over 16 miles of trails overlooking splendid scenery, you can hike or bike to your heart’s content.


As the sun slowly sinks into the ocean, let your burdens dwindle away in Hacienda Santaluz, a 19,000 square foot complex that is the community’s soul. As a member you can ease your tense muscles at the Spa, swim in an extravagant pool, enjoy a game of tennis or basketball, burn calories at the fitness center, and grab a bite at Gourmet Fresh Rose Cafe.


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