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City in the Country

Poway holds the reputation of being halfway between everything in San Diego-county. This makes it an ideal location for those who enjoy taking a drive to see what California has to offer. The area is also great for those looking for a more private location, a welcoming, family-oriented community filled with quiet streets and a low crime rate.


A fertile area, the establishment of the Poway Municipal Water District in 1954 which began to irrigate all 10,000 acres of the community made the land even more conducive for agriculture, which later on led to the building of housing tracts, and thus started its population and economic rise. Over the years, the area has transitioned from agricultural to residential, until in 1980, Poway was finally incorporated, and officially became known as the City of Poway.


Nicknamed as the “City in the Country”, the community is now home to almost 50,000 residents as well as various commercial businesses and shopping centers found along Poway Road. The South Poway Business Park is also a bustling economic center where over 300 businesses operate, while schools operate under the Poway Unified School District.


Poway also boasts of various recreational facilities which include golf courses such as the one at the lovely Stoneridge Country Club, while residents can enjoy theater productions and concerts at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts. There’s also the Old Poway Park, as well as a museum, while Lake Poway offers a suitable venue for boating and fishing.


With its perfect weather, rolling hills, lush greenery, and quality neighborhoods, Poway is a highly sought-after location for those who are looking to raise a family.


Visit the City of Poway for more information.

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