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Historic German Colony

First founded as a farming colony in 1884 by German settlers, the name "Olivenhain" translates to "olive grove" in German. Though the farm houses have since been replaced by modern homes, the town's original Meeting Hall which was built in 1894 has been carefully restored by its residents. Considered as Olivenhain's most prominent and enduring landmark, the Meeting Hall still serves as the community's focal point where the Town Council's meetings as well as community-wide events such as fund-raisers and festivals are still held. The Meeting Hall continues to be prized by Olivehnain's residents, and in 1971, it has been also designated as a State of California Point of Historical Interest.


The most prominent and enduring landmark in Olivenhain is the Olivenhain Meeting Hall, a modest structure measuring twenty-eight feet wide by thirty-six feet long. The Meeting Hall may have been built in honor of the colonists 10th anniversary, since the decision to build a meeting hall was made in November 1894, ten years after the first arrivals. It is used today for community functions such as the annual Oktoberfest, Haunted House, summer movie series, craft fairs and a variety of civic group meetings. Residents of Olivenhain may schedule the Meeting Hall and grounds for private functions; it is a popular wedding site.


Over the years, Olivenhain has developed into a premier rural community, and at the moment, remains a low-density zone. The town currently has about 1500 homes, with a projected total number of 1616, according to the Encinitas General Plan. It is vigilantly monitored and maintained by Olivehain's Town Council who follows their tenet which aims "To continue to protect and preserve the rural atmosphere that we have inherited from those before us". Additionally, the Town Council and residents also implement their own "Dark Skies" policy that limits outdoor lighting, thus allowing everyone to enjoy a truly inspiring view of the night sky.


Other than its picture-perfect surroundings, however, Olivenhain also boasts of facilities which suit its population's various lifestyles. At the moment, the town enjoys access to its own picnic-friendly parks, playgrounds, a riding ring, and even parking spaces for horse trailers.


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