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The Crowned One

The peninsula of Coronado is an upscale resort city which is known for its many attractions, and its’ superb beaches which have been named as some of the best in the country. Easily accessible from downtown San Diego via the Coronado Island Bay Bridge, the neighborhood sports a laid-back atmosphere and offers stunning views of the downtown San Diego skyline.


Many unique homes are scattered throughout Coronado. Done in a number of different architectural styles, stunning homes can be found tucked into back streets while fine old mansions line the main streets and face out into the ocean. The various historical neighborhoods reflect the distinct Old World Charm that the "Island" has to offer. In between, you will discover the shops, hotels and restaurants  that have delighted residents and visitors for years.


First developed in the late 1800s, the area’s grand dame, the Hotel del Coronado was soon established. Built in the Queen Anne Revival style, it is one of the few Victorian seaside resorts that remain thriving in this day and age. It has hosted many notable personalities, from movie stars, to world leaders, and royalty, and has also been featured in numerous books and movies. The hotel is a designated National Historic Landmark, as well as a California Historical Landmark.


Tourism plays a key role in the neighborhood’s economy, and Coronado is home to numerous shops, highly-rated restaurants of various cuisines. Theater also features highly in this area, and both the Lamb's Players Theatre and the Coronado Playhouse hold performances throughout the year. Other amenities in the area include parks, an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, as well as dedicated bicycle paths.


Visit the City of Coronado for more information.


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