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Banker's Hill

Home of Pioneers

Named in memory of the professionals who have made this area their home since it was first established in the 1890s, Banker’s Hill continues to attract both experienced businessmen as well as young professionals to this day. Situated on a beautiful hillside with a gorgeous, panoramic view of Downtown San Diego, it’s no wonder why people want to set up their homes in this upscale neighborhood.


While some of its streets may contain high-density, commercial buildings, there are also areas which feature lush estates where century-old homes remain standing in their full glory today. Much of these homes have been restored to their former glory, with some even converted to offices for dentists, lawyers and small companies. Other properties in the area sport a variety of architectural styles and sizes, ranging from older courtyard apartments to condominiums, a mix which tends to reflect the arrival of people over the decades.


Other sights to see in this beautiful neighborhood include Maple Canyon, which is now a dedicated city park, now lush with gardens which provide shade, fragrance, blossoms and fruit. Balboa Park is also a short distance from most homes, allowing residents access to its museums and theatre.

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