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Bird Rock

Peaceful with Nature

Bird Rock in San Diego, California, is a charming coastal community which boasts of great weather, good surf, as well as vistas and parks that offer spectacular views of reefs and coves along its shoreline. It is also a popular destination for tidepooling because of the relatively flat lands on the shore which reveal interesting, rocky tidepools brimming with various kinds of marine life during low tide.


Bird Rock is located between North Pacific Beach and La Jolla Cove and is a known favorite spot among nature lovers and conservationists. Bird Rock is also a quiet and uncrowded neighborhood which is perfect for those who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of busier towns. Its neighborhoods typically consist of condos and gorgeous homes.


A well-established and unique neighborhood, Bird Rock combines the much recognized sunny disposition of the Southern California with a distinct, community-oriented focus. This tight-knit neighborhood hosts a number of local events as well as festivals, concerts and parades which are held throughout the year, the most recognizable of which is the tour of Bird Rock homes, held each January. This well-attended tour is sponsored by the Bird Rock Community council with proceeds going to the Bird Rock Elementary School.


The area also has several lovely parks, including the La Jolla Hermosa Park, Bird Rock Park, and Calumet Park, all of which are excellent spots for a picnics and get-togethers. While Bird Rock has no actual beach, surfing remains a popular activity for those who are willing to brave the breaks on the Bird Rock coastline.


On top of these features, the area is mostly comprised of single-family neighborhoods arranged in a rectangular street grid. However, it does have its own merchant district where almost a hundred various shops, restaurants, and other businesses offer their services and wares for every budget and palate.


Visit the Bird Rock Community Council for more information.

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