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Who Is Shea Real Estate?

Shea Real Estate is a company that is dedicated to providing new and innovative ways to navigate the real estate industry while maintaining a traditional, hands-on approach in how we do business. Based in San Diego, California, our team combines progressive marketing methods, exceptional selling skills and strategic negotiation practices with the goal of building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our company’s strengths lie in new home and traditional residential sales together with land valuation and acquisitions.

As long-time community members, we are passionate about the industry here in San Diego, appreciating the various neighborhoods that make it such an astonishing and multifaceted city. We believe that it is this in-depth knowledge of the region that helps us to guide our clients in successfully navigating such an intricate market.

Committed to Your Success

Client satisfaction has and will always be our top priority. Buying or selling a property can be one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life and we will always concentrate on what is essential to you. At the heart of every real estate transaction is our commitment to the client and a level of professionalism backed by trust, integrity and confidentiality. It is this combination that allows our clients to navigate their most challenging real estate transaction with ease and momentum.

Our team focuses on meeting your investment expectations, both now and in the future, through an unparalleled level of dedication. In the time that we have spent in the industry we have learned that the best approach to each transaction is to make sure that all parties feel valued and appreciated, making your real estate transaction a highly rewarding and satisfying experience that exceeds expectations.


We strive to provide each client with valuable, comprehensive information and long-term solutions befitting such an important decision.


We believe in a traditional, hands-on approach to real estate. To date, more than 90% of our business continues to be referral-based, a testament of our love for what we do and our continued appreciation for who we do business with.

Perpetual Innovation

San Diego has been called the “City in Motion”, an apt definition for the city’s continuously changing real estate climate. It is this steady shift that inspires us to always look for ways to improve our approach to doing business. Our dedicated & creative marketing staff consistently discovers fresh, forward-thinking strategies and ways for us to improve in our field. By allowing our methods of doing business to evolve, we are given new and creative ways facing the complexities of our industry. We are constantly driven by the ambition to continue to offer people new ways of navigating a complex industry, without losing that valuable, personal touch that comes from working with professionals that care. This allows us to develop leading edge marketing methods, strengthen our client relations, and continue to provide world-class results.

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